Arco Floor Lamp: A Closer Look at a Very Beautifully Designed Lamp

Arco Floor Lamp: A Closer Look at a Very Beautifully Designed Lamp

Most people assume that in order for a piece of furniture to be considered beautiful or luxurious that it has to be created in a very complex and complicated manner. This is not always true – sometimes the most simple design make the greatest impact. The Arco Floor Lamp is a great example of ingenuity meeting the simplistic. In 1962 Achille Castiglioni and his brother designed the Arco Floor Lamp as a way to conveniently make use of the lighting in their room. The overall look of the lamp is inspired by a streetlight design. This type of lighting allows your whole entire room to be illuminated by one lamp. The lamp also does not have to have a roof to reflect its light off of. flos arco floor lamp living

Original Design of the Arco Lamp

The original design of the lamb weighed in at over 70 lbs. However the two brothers were smart enough to design a small hole that was big enough to fit a broom handle in. This would allow a person to lift the Arco floor lamp anywhere that they needed without them trying to pick it up. The original Arco lamp also has a swivel that can be used to adjust the height of the lamps. This swivel allows the user to have full control over the amount of light being shown into a room or surface.flos arco lamp

Concepts and Design of the Arco Floor Lamp

In part the design of the Arco Lamp reflected Achille Castiglioni’s beliefs about life and teaching. He used to teach his students to start from scratch or at the very beginning. In this case he was probably referring to ground zero or the floor, which is similar to the design of the Arco Floor Lamp. The original design of Castiglioni Arco Floor Lamp has since been redesigned as well as improved upon. The base of this lamp is made out of marble which is hard enough to withstand any sort of abuse or punishment it may meet. The overall lamp itself is made out of stainless steel that will not rust or breakdown over time. The switch of the lamp is located near the base of the lamp so that you can simply flick it on with your foot.

Benefits of the Arco Floor Lamp

What makes the Arco Floor Lamp so amazing is that you can place it literally anywhere in your home and it will brighten the entire area. The lamp also comes with a dimming feature that allows you to control how much light comes through the bulb. A few great places to put this lamp would be over a couch in your living room. The design of this lamp will not take up much space in your living room allowing you to safely place it, around your couch. For those who like to read or watch television from their living room they can easily do this without turning on tons of different lights. This lamp is also perfect for your kitchen eating area. This lamp can be hung over your eating table during a family dinner. It will not get in the way of the meal and will provide the right amount of light for everyone to see each other in.arco floor lamp dining

Seeing the Designer Through the Design

Achille Castiglioni was most commonly known for his unique perspectives on life and love. He would constantly inform his students to use their best judgements and common sense when approaching different problems in life. Many of his closest colleagues remember him as a man who was constantly challenging and changing the world of design with his unique creations. Most of his designs combined humor, fun, simplistic designs or materials with common sense thinking to create work that will endure time.

Through his design you can see the inner workings of a genius. Most of the things that he designed came from pure common sense or simply sensible thinking. It is hard to distinguish the designer from the design because without one, the other does not get its due. One of Achille Castiglioni’s overriding beliefs was that a designer at his core is a problem solver. So anytime a student of his would begin working on a project he would always tell them to think like a problem solver. What is the issue? How can I resolve it?

In summary the Arco Lamp has a lot of useful benefits that will make it perfect for any apartment, condo or home. The light itself is constructed from very sturdy materials that will not break down over time. This combination of simple elegance with durable materials sums up Achille Castiglioni’s entire career. The man dedicated his life to solving problems through the use of his designs.

Where’s the Best Place to Order?

When it comes to ordering this lamp, it is vital that you order the original.  There are many knock-offs and counterfeits out there.  Sure they may be cheaper but the problem with these copies is that they are either made poorly, made with cheaper materials, or simply don’t look like the real thing upon close inspection.  How cheesy would it be if your friends found out that you bought a fake?  Don’t subject yourself to embarrassment and be sure to always buy original.  Fortunately, we’ve already sourced the best deal for you below.

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