Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair – Sitting Pretty and Comfortable

Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair – Sitting Pretty and Comfortable

There is nothing quite like sitting in a comfortable chair that allows you to look and feel stylish. Many chairs are nothing more than basic places to sit down. What makes this chair special is that it provides you with the comforts of a bed and the stylish look of a egg at the same time. With the Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair you get the best of all worlds while you sit comfortably in this chair. These egg chairs come in a wide variety of colors that are perfect for adding some personality to your apartment or home. You can literally change the feel of a room just by placing one of these egg chairs in it.egg chairs

Comfort and Class in a Neat Package

The Egg Chair was designed in the mid 50’s by Arne Jacobsen. The original design was to be used to seat visitors and guests at the Copenhagen, Royal Hotel. Danish furniture designers can trace most of the inspiration for their designs back to this one chair. The egg shaped chair is perfect for providing the user with a bit of privacy even though they may be in a public place. This egg shaped chair can come with or without an ottoman. An ottoman is a padded footstool that can be used to either sit down on or place your feet up on for more comfort.

Arne Jacobsen egg chair fame redIn modern times the egg chair is perfect for indoor use either for a hotel or a house. With its warm, cozy design and coverings you are guaranteed to feel right at home while sitting in one of these chairs. The original egg chair was created in Arne Jacobsen’s garage and was created from plaster. Today’s egg chairs are created from metal, cold foam and different layers of leather or fabric that form a comfortable cocoon around the person occupying it. The base of the chair is made from aluminum that is strong enough to both support it and lightweight enough for a person to move it.

Arne Jacobsen was more than just a furniture designer, he was also a architect that drew many famous award winning designs. Also his work with Fritz Hansen allowed him to continue to create new furniture that would revolutionize the field of design. In 1952 Fritz and Jacbosen created the Series 7 and the Ant furniture that catapulted them into international fame very quickly. Along with the Egg chair, Jacobsen was responsible for the creation of the Swan, the Swan Sofa, and the series 3300. His Egg Chairs have been modified recently to be even more comfortable than before. Many modern types of Egg chairs are created from foam and fiberglass that give the egg shell its look as well as its support.

Designed Ahead of Its Time

The features of the egg shell itself are amazing, offering you both control as well as support over the seating. The egg shell was created with an adjustable tilt that can be adjusted to the weight of the person sitting in the chair. The base of the chair is constructed with a tube that was molded from a combination of stainless steel and aluminum. Also the egg chair can be customized with a return lever that will adjust the chair back to factory setting.

The creator of the Egg Chair enjoyed unparalleled success and fame after completion of his work on the chair. He studied under one of the most famous architecture teachers in the world, constructed incredible furniture that is still in use today and went on to collaborate with other renowned designers around the world. The purpose of the egg chair was to create a simple and easily designed chair that would be comfortable as well as give the user some privacy while sitting down. The simplistic use of a egg was seen as genius amongst Jacobsen’s peer group. His contributions to the world of furniture with Fritz Hansen help solidify his career as a creative genius.

egg chair leather with ottoman

Perfect in Any Room

With a wide variety of different colors for you to choose, there is bound to be a egg chair for you. These chairs are very comfortable and allow you to sleep, watch television or read a book in them. With the egg chairs unique shape you never have to worry about not getting enough light while reading, the chair is built perfectly for enjoying a good book.

If you are looking for an incredibly comfortable and stylish piece of furniture that can fit in any room of your home, then you want to get the Egg Chair. This chair was designed based off of an egg and allows you to enjoy privacy and enclosure while you are lounging around the house. The creator of the Egg Chair designed many other pieces of furniture that help shape the future of home furnishing. With this Egg Chair you will never have to worry about being uncomfortable in a chair ever again.

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Fabric Colors Available: Divina Dark Grey, Divina Red, Fame Beige, Fame Black, Fame Grey, Fame Orange, Fame Red, Hallingdal Black, Hallingdal Classic Red, Hallingdal Light Grey, Magic Chocolate Brown, Steelcut Trio Brown, Steelcut Trio Mustard, Steelcut Trio Sand, Tonus Black, Topas Charcoal, Topas Dark Red, Topas Light Grey, Topas Orange

Leather Colors Available: Basic Leather Black, Classic Leather Black, Classic Leather Black Brown, Classic Leather Bright Red, Classic Leather Cognac, Classic Leather Walnut, Elegance Leather Black, Elegance Leather Dark Brown, Elegance Leather Indian Red, Elegance Leather walnut, Natural Leather, Optical White Leather, Rustic Leather, White Leather

Tilt Functions: Tilt and Swivel, Tilt and Swivel with Auto Return




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