Is the Bourgie Lamp the Best Table Lamp for You?

Is the Bourgie Lamp the Best Table Lamp for You?

Buying a lamp for your home is something that seems uneventful – choose a lamp, put it on a table, plug it in, and you’re done. Right? Well, not really. For those looking for a very specific style or kind of lamp, the process can be rather lengthy – and sometimes it’s downright frustrating. So how do you know which table lamp is right for your needs? If you’re looking for something with a little flair, a moderate price range, and a versatile look, you may just be looking for the Bourgie Lamp.
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What is the Bourgie Lamp?

The Bourgie Lamp is a completely unique light fixture – one of Kartell’s best sellers, in fact. The lamp draws its style from classic baroque silhouettes, while the lampshade is designed with a pleated effect to allow light to play through the shade in a inimitable way. The style isn’t right for everyone – some may find it to be a bit too flamboyant – but its rich design that harkens to French tradition will most certainly please its target audience.

How Can You Use the Bourgie Lamp in Your Décor?

bourgie table lamps shadesThe lamp’s unique base is composed of three interconnecting decorated layers. The attachment system allows the user to adjust the lamp to three different heights – 68, 72, and 78 centimeters. This means that you can use it as a desk or table lamp quite easily, so the lamp itself is rather versatile. Of course, the base is somewhat wide, so it wouldn’t fit on delicate end tables or night stands – the lamp is best displayed when it is the focus of attention on its stand. And, because of its statuesque shape, Bourgie can even be displayed as its own sculpture. It will certainly add an element of elegance and flair to any room.

When you order Bourgie, you’ll have the choice of crystal, white, black, silver, gold, multicolored fuchsia,  multicolored light blue, multicolored titanium polycarbonate materials. Each color is rich in color and complements the design of the lamp very well. Kartell also boasts a new feature where one can order a “gorgeous garment” that is opaque white on the outside and gold on the inside. Nothing really says Baroque better than that, does it?

Are There Drawbacks to this Lamp?

As previously mentioned, the shape and size may not be great for everyone’s tastes. The lamp’s style is true to its Baroque roots – to some people this appears elegant; to others, it may appear somewhat gaudy. The price is intermediate, ranging from $385 for the crystal or black models, and up to $685 for the gold-plated model. Understandably, the gold plating does bring up the price tag, but rest assured that gold plate will not make the lamp sell for more if you should ever choose to sell it again. It’s simply for the matter of personal taste – and the gold is indeed the richest and most elegant of the models.

Another potential drawback to the lamp is that the adjustable layers are a little difficult for some users to grasp. Some people prefer a straight-forward desk lamp. The Bourgie is not suited to these customers.

What do Real Reviews Have to Say About the Bourgie Lamp?

Most reviews of the Bourgie are positive, speaking to its quality, unique shape, and overall value for the price. Below, you can take a peek at what some people are saying about it:

“This lamp is so perfect! I love that there are three different height options. I have this lamp set up above my fireplace in the living room and it shows off along with giving bright light. I recommend this lamp to all.” — Caroline Cornelius from Sarasota, FL,

“From this product’s appealing looks to its amazing range of brightnesses can be easily selected using the switch. The 2 heights can be adjusted up and down very easily by adjusting the struts to raise or lower the shade vis-a -vis the stand. I use the lamp on a buffet in the tallest setting, but it can also be used as a floor lamp. I absolutely love the modern design and construction of the product.” — Ed from Brooklyn, NY,

And the one negative review simply stated what was discussed above:

“The design is beautiful but the price of this product is VERY misleading because the color selections add almost 100% more to the advertised price. This is a big turn off!” — Mary Lynn Vacchiano from Dallas,

Where Can I Purchase the Bougie Lamp, and Is It Right for Me?

As there are many fakes in the market, you should only purchase the Bougie Lamp from an authorized Kartell dealer. It’s always best to go with the dealer to ensure you get the warranty. The good news is, we’ve already found the best place online to get this table lamp at a great price.  All in all, you’ll want this lamp if you’re a fan of the Baroque, the unique, and the beautiful.

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