Kartell Bookworm – One of the Best Bookshelves Around

Kartell Bookworm – One of the Best Bookshelves Around

For the lovers of books and collectors of literature there is nothing more important than having a bookshelf that you can be proud of. A good bookshelf carries a lot of important documents, journals as well as books. These books can help you in times of need or even help you remember how to make a recipe from scratch. Designed by Ron Arad and Kartell, the Bookworm is one of the most unique bookshelves around. This bookshelf can help keep all of your books, journals, notes and reports organized and give you easy access to them – all while being a stylish piece of furniture/artwork on your wall.

The Ability of the Bookworm Shelf

The amazing part of this bookshelf is that it is incredibly flexible, allowing you to change the look and feel of the bookshelf. In reality this bookshelf could be the centerpiece to a room all its own. This structural integrity of this bookshelf will not crack or break through continuous use of it. Making it one of the most aesthetically pleasing and durable bookshelves around. Each bookworm comes with a bookends that creates the curves and bends with the bookshelf itself. It was created in 1994 and to this day is still considered one of the best bookshelves ever.

Features and Functions of This Unique Bookshelf

kartell bookwormThe Bookshelf has a lot of features and functions that help make it very durable. This bookshelf is constructed of fire retardant PVC which is a perfect safety feature to have in a bookshelf. This means that your bookshelf will be able to survive a fire or high temperatures without it beginning to melt. This bookshelf will also maintain its flexibility and durability through almost any collision whether dropped or smashed by another object. Each of the bookends can support books weighing up to 20 lbs. The Kartell Bookworm comes in three different sizes (small, medium and long) with different dimensions that will handle all your literary needs.

Size Small: 126″W x 7.5″H x 7.8″D
Size Medium: 204.3″W x 7.5″H x 7.8″D
Size Large: 322.8″W x 7.5″H x 7.8″D

What It Is Made From

Most of the products made from Kartell are designed from some superior strength plastic materials. The same is true for the Kartell Bookworm bookshelf, its super strong plastic design guarantees that it will be able to handle just about stress or tension placed upon. Also this bookshelf can be recycled after you are done using it. All of the bookshelves come with a plastic sticker on them that will show you how to properly dispose of them. What makes this bookshelves so great is that they are easy to clean. Some bookshelves will smear or be stained from pen ink. with the Kartell Bookworm bookshelf you can easily spray some cleaning substance on it and clean it right off. Plus the strong plastic covering will not splinter or crack.

How it Helps in Real Life Scenarios

long kartell bookwormThe short bookshelves come with 7 bookends, the medium come with 11 and the long come with 17 bookends to help you organize all of your books. The importance of having a bookshelf can not go understated. A good bookshelf can be the difference between a successful college student and a unsuccessful one. Many students may have a lot of homework that they need to do for different classes. These different classes may also require the student purchase multiple books. With a bookshelf as great as the Kartell Bookworm a student will never have to worry about living the house without the right book. The bookends create a perfect divider for all of a student’s books, journals and notes.

Not only will students benefit from these bookshelves but also professionals and business people. Many business proposals and lectures can go missing at home or in the office if a person is not organized. Now with the Kartell Bookworm you can easily find all those files and proposals that you are looking for right there on the wall. This will help your company provide better and more efficient service for your clientele. No longer will you have to cancel a meeting because you are not prepared for a presentation. With the Bookworm, you are able to easily search through dozens of books in no time. Created in Italy in 1994, this bookshelf is a testament to the creative genius of Ron Arad and the Kartell Corporation.

Is It For You?

In conclusion, this bookshelf is simply amazing for anyone looking to buy a great bookshelf with tons of features. Consider buying the Kartell Bookworm bookshelf to bring function and style to your wall in the home or office. This bookshelf comes in three different lengths with different bookends to balance and help organize your book collection. The Bookworm bookshelf can be converted into any shape or figure that you want or like. With up to 17 bookends you can easily place all of your school books or work journals on this bookshelf. It can help organize your entire book collection or just serve as a centerpiece. Not only is it functional, but the form is amazing!

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