Louis Ghost Chair: A Closer Look at This Awesome Chair

Louis Ghost Chair: A Closer Look at This Awesome Chair

Are you looking for an awesome piece of furniture that will add a unique flair and style to any room that you put it in? With the Louis Ghost Chair you can have a unique chair that is bound to turn heads. When guests into your home see this chair they will be in awe of its amazing design as well as its lightweight frame. Most chairs are bland and are made from some type of cheap material with a covering of some veneer. This Louis Ghost Chair is not only more comfortable, and stylish than other chairs it is also very affordable. You will be hard pressed to find anyone else who has a chair like this one!

History of the Louis Ghost Chair

louis ghost chair transparentThis chair is based on the same design as a Louis XVI Armchair. This traditional chair is considered an antique with very high value. This chair rose to prominence during the reign of King Louis during the 1700’s. During these times chairs like this were considered to be the top of the line in luxury and durability. Constructed from the finest of woods these chairs were the ultimate in fine furnishings and elegance. These types of chairs are a great reflection of the times in the Neoclassical period.

The style of this chair was very simplistic which added to its overall appeal. The legs of these chairs were all fashioned to be straight like columns. The legs were typically very slim and would taper off at the bottom of the legs. True Louis XVi Armchairs will not have any discoloration and will have a simplistic straight line pattern sew into it. Also there may be a oval or diamond shaped designed in the back of the seat. At this time simplistic forms were favored over obscure lines and patterns.

Many of the design of the chair were inspired by the discovery of different archaeological treasures. Most of these discoveries came from ancient Rome and Greek which are heavily used in neoclassical furniture designs. On the legs of real Louis XVI armchairs there are grooves located within them that run vertically. Many of the designs found on the chairs reflect some part of nature or themes from Rome and Greece. There is usually a design of a square with a round flower in the middle of it, located somewhere in the chair. This design is in honor the Roman designs found on many artifacts.

French designed made use of very fine woods in their creation of their chairs. One of the most commonly used wood types is the mahagony wood. This made have been because of the increase trade of this type of wood during this time period. Real Mahogany wood will not be very knotted and will have a smooth reddish brown look to it. To make sure that the chair you are buying is real, press your fingernail into an inconspicuous place on the chair. If it leaves a mark then chances are you are buying soft wood instead of real mahogany.Louis Ghost Chairs Phillipe Starck

The Louis Ghost Chair: A Closer Look

Taking on some of the style of its original design the Louis Ghost Chair is absolutely stunning. Instead of being constructed out of mahogany wood like its predecessor was it is created out of polycarbon. Making this chair both lightweight as well as durable. What really makes this chair so amazing is its look. The look of the chair really looks like a ghost. It is transparent and white, giving the illusion of the ghost. The backrest of the chair is designed in the form of a medallion similar to ones worn by the kings of history.

Designed by Philippe Stark this chair was created in the early 2000’s as a throwback to the King Louis XVI armchair. Another thing that makes this chair great is that it can be used in any room of the house to give it a bit of “ghostly” flair. You can place this outside or inside and it will not get dirty or damage easily. It was made in Italy and when folded can be stacked up to six chairs high.

This chair is shock, scratch and dirt resistant making it both beautiful as well as durable.

With its innovative clear coated design this chair stands out amongst all of its competition. Being both durable as well as beautiful to look at make this chair one of the best pieces of furniture you can purchase today. Many modern day furniture collectors are interested in buying the King Louis the XVI armchairs, because of their sophisticated look and awesome craftsmanship. For those that can not afford to outbid those rich furniture collectors, should look into getting a Louis Ghost Chair.

Where to Purchase the Original Louis Ghost Chair

Don’t be tempted by cheap counterfeits that look cheap or just don’t look right.  If you are considering where the best place to get the original chair, you’re in luck.  We’ve found a trusted retailer online that offers the real deal below.

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